California Surf Museum

I DONATED A CLASSIC JACOBS SURFBOARD Rodney MillicanRodney was a really good friend of mine that I surfed with and played music with. This story is about our Jacobs surfboard that we donated to the California Surf Museum in Oceanside, California. When I was growing up I had a best

Smoking Wood Peckers

The Smoking Wood Peckers Band I had the good fortune of hooking up with the greatest bunch of five guys who where all accomplished musicians in their own rights and forming The Smoking Wood Peckers Band (SWP). SWP was a jam band that mostly played in our garages, sheds, or

Better Days

What’s this about song sketches? Better Days is the first Song Sketch that I recorded in my home studio, The Blue Spoon. I laid down the backing tracks first, and then sang and played the lead guitar licks at the same time live directly into LUNA, my recording creation software.

Mike Dores visits the Blue Spoon

MIKE & JOHN: Well, well, well… after years of study, practice, and solo experiments… I am beginning to invite other musicians to come to the Blue Spoon recording studio and see what we can create. One of my first guests is Mike Dores. I’ve been playing music with Mike for

Jeff Beck Tribute

R.I.P. Jeff Beck Jeff Beck’s passing has touched me deeply. I loved Jeff’s masterful guitar music, magical fingers, and soulful creativity. Jeff was truly one of kind and a major idol of mine. In his honor I am made this post. If features 2 tributes to Jeff. A video of