Buffalo Blues



I played live music at the Flathead Lake Brewery tasting room in Woods Bay, Montana weekly for five years.

My brother-in-law, Pat Droll, wrote a poem about it which I put to music and expanded upon.

My friend and fellow guitarist, Chad Leslie, played the slide guitar on this demo of the song I wrote.

I recorded Chad and myself playing our electric guitars live in my studio, The Blue Spoon. I recorded our guitars out from our guitar effects pedals directly into LUNA, my recording software.

Later, I added the addition tracks for drums, bass, organ, and vocals. Playing the drums and B3 organ on my MIDI controller, playing the bass on an actual bass guitar, and singing the vocals direct in to LUNA.

I roughly mixed, balanced, and processed the tracks. It’s only meant to be a demo and I have not done any mastering to it (yet!) I designed the cover artwork in Photoshop featuring a photo of a heard of Buffalo I took in Yellowstone. I hope you like it!