John Raymond Webster

Welcome to my personal website, home to all the new stuff I’m up to.

After 40+ years running Abacus Graphics doing commercial graphic design, I am pursuing other creative interests including music, merchandise, and nft’s.


AKA Buffalo John, I’m learning to record, mix, and master my original music.


WOODYSBAY is my brand of merchandise supporting the environment.


I’m creating NFT’s of original creative designs to sell with merchandise perks.

My Give Back Mission

My mission for music, merchandise, and nft’s is to give back a portion of profits to support local not-for-profit organizations, and other people doing meaningful work for nature, wildlife, and Earth.

WOODYSBAY GIVE A HOOT FOR EARTH heart and dove design expresses our love for Earth and hope for world peace.

Three inch round – six color embroidered patches with an iron-on backing are coming soon to WOODYSBAY.

My graphic design journey

For 40+ years, my wife, Francesca Droll, and I have had successful careers running Abacus Graphics. I’m having fun with my creative interests, and Francesca is loving doing fine art pastel paintings with great success.