Well, well, well… after years of study, practice, and solo experiments… I am beginning to invite other musicians to come to the Blue Spoon recording studio and see what we can create. One of my first guests is Mike Dores. I’ve been playing music with Mike for over 20 years for fun.

So, as an experiment…

We recorded a cover of the song Different Drummer live in the Blue Spoon. Mike played my Taylor acoustic guitar and sang the song. I played my Fender Stratocaster.

Mike’s vocal was recorded with a Sure 57 mic through a Bose P.A. I played my Strat through thr0ugh a Harmonizer on a peddle board into a classic Peavy 50 Watt tube amp.

I recorded a mono track in LUNA using an LE condenser mike in the center of the studio. We had never practiced this song before. We did one run through, and then recorded the second time we played it straight through.

I mixed the track to clean it up, then added tracks of bass and drums. I played the bass direct into my Apollo interface through the Ampeg Bass Amp plugin in LUNA.

I played the drums on my midi controller keyboard with a drum kit in the EZ Drummer plugin in LUNA I mixed the new tracks and used some processing plugins and some effects bus tracks on them.

Finally, I mastered the mixed tracks and exported them to a final stereo track. Here it is: