The Blue Spoon


Since I last posted the demos below, I’ve have been keeping busy continuing to study song writing, recording, video production and singing. I’ll be adding some of my new music creations here soon.

If your interested, there is more of my music (mostly old and some new) on the posts page of this site, or on my other old music site:

Over the last few years I’ve been building The Blue Spoon Recording Studio in my basement. I’ve been learning how to record and mix my original music using the Luna recording system and Apollo interface from United Audio.

I’ve got to say… it has blown my mind how good it is!

Here are some rough mixes of experimental tracks I’ve recorded with some decent parts and some pretty raw parts too!

I had a blast recording and mixing them… and I’m excited to continue learning, recording, mixing, and eventually even mastering my music. WOO HOO!

May 2021 – wav / 2:38 minutes – single track

I experimented with adding some vocal parts to this version of the track. I sang the parts numerous times on different tracks adding some harmonies and special effects. The main vocal track is panned center, and the additional vocal tracks are panned left or right to create a wide stereo effect. The effects on the vocal tracks are also processed differently.

Instrumental versions of this track are on both the Collections

May 2021 – MP3 / 32:21 minutes – Collection of tracks

When I first began using the Luna recording environment software this was an early attempt at mixing a collection of original compositions. It’s a bit rough in places, but it was an interesting exercise, great fun, and I learned a lot doing it.

Some of the material came from recordings I had made in previous years using different software that I brought into Luna then embellished by adding tracks and effects. There are some live field recordings I made of water sounds and antique cowbells too.

Other tracks we’re old songs or experimental instrumentals that I recorded completely in Luna. I also added tracks of special effects played on my Midi keyboard that I blended in here and there, like wind and other keyboard effects.

I played some Moog synthesizer, grand piano, and Hammond B3 parts on my Midi keyboard, and played all the guitar parts directly into Luna, and used a few keyboard and drum loops.

I learned how to mix all of these tracks together and to process them with an arsenal of plugins to create the final mix. Cool!

January 2022 – m4a / 35:38 minutes – Collection of tracks

Applying all I learned (so far) about recording and mixing tracks in Luna using a mix of loops and live instruments I created another collection of recordings

Some of the tracks are recorded as backing tracks to songs I wrote with the intention of adding the vocal parts to them.

I experimented with a wide range of plugins to create all of the sounds you hear… reverb, delay, compression, EQ and other fun stuff.

In many cases I layer different takes of guitars together using a variety of acoustic and electric guitars. Yeah!

I added bass tracks playing a real bass instrument plugged direct into Luna through my Apollo interface. I run it through an Ampeg bass or other amp right inside of Luna (in the Box so to speak). Wow! So cool.

Drums are a combination of me playing them on my Midi keyboard, or drum loop midi files. I have been learning how to edit midi files and change them to create different patterns and parts.