Smoking Wood Peckers


The Smoking Wood Peckers Band

I had the good fortune of hooking up with the greatest bunch of five guys who where all accomplished musicians in their own rights and forming The Smoking Wood Peckers Band (SWP).

SWP was a jam band that mostly played in our garages, sheds, or backyards and occasionally at private parties. We would gather every Friday or Saturday night to jam and have fun until late into the night and hardly missed a week for over 20 years!

The Smoking Wood Peckers Band members:

  • Paul Holcomb on drums
  • Herb French on bass & lead vocals
  • David Klatt on keyboards & lead vocals
  • Eric Schwartz on rhythm/lead guitar & background vocals
  • John Webster on lead/rhythm guitar & background vocals

We played mostly cover songs. Rock & Blues, with some originals by David or John. We had a surf set that was a fan fav!

Thanks to my SWP music brothers for all the great years we had together!

And special thanks to the wives, families, and friends who supported us! We couldn’t have done it without you.

Paul Holcomb

Here’s a live SWP version of Europa that was a special musical moment for us.

Paul has that look in his eyes! Together with Herbie on bass, they are dynamite rhythm section and a joy to play with.

Europa performed live by the Smoking Wood Peckers

This song was such a special moment for me from beginning to end!

Listen to Paul’s drumming throughout the song and you will hear how he makes subtle changes or dramatic changes as the song morphs that perfectly fit the song. This song epitomizes the level of tightness we had achieved from over twenty years of playing together.

Here’s some pics of the Smoking Wood Peckers band.